Packline NX Premium XL takboks

More space for the great outdoors

Building on Packline’s award-winning range of vehicular roof boxes, we introduce the NX Premium XL and XL T range of extra-long car-top carriers – the perfect solution for skiing trips and weekend adventures.

An expression of you

We understand that, to you, a roof box isn’t just extra luggage space for transporting your skis and outdoor accessories; it’s an integral part of your vehicle that reflects your passion for elegant design and seamless functionality. It also complements your car so well, you can keep it on all year round.

From the two-fold reinforced polyester fiberglass construction that follows the contours of your vehicle, to the “Safe Nose” protection, and new locking system with push-button opening, our new NX Premium XL roof boxes have everything you have come to expect from a Packline product… including a 10-year warranty.

Space for the longest skis

What sets our new roof cargo boxes apart is their length. At 220 cm long, XL and XL T give you plenty of space to store even the longest skis. So now there’s no limit when it’s time to hit the piste or take off on a weekend adventure.

Tunnel design

The new XL T model also includes a ‘tunnel’ design, which allows the roof bars to be mounted inside the box. By doing this, the XL T form closely follows the contours of your vehicle to reduce wind noise and minimise additional fuel consumption. But most importantly, it looks great on your vehicle.

Companion roof box bags

Make a statement with three new stylish roof box bags. These waterproof bags in reinforced PVC are perfect for storing your ski boots and other accessories. Put them in, zip up the bag and keep the rest of your gear dry. Also, the 30 and 60-litre versions fit perfectly in any Packline roof box, while the full-size, 90-litre travel bag is the perfect match when you’re on the move.

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Packline takboks bag

The personal touch

As with all Packline roof boxes, you can personalise Packline NX Premium XL/XL T with a selection of quality accessories, including chrome trim, LED lighting and integrated ski holders. Finally, we can even match the colour of your roof box to your vehicle, and add your company logo or decoration of your choice.

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