Should you choose a plastic or fiberglass roof box?

Packline makes roof boxes in both fiberglass and ABS plastic.
Your choice of material will depend on which characteristics are important to you.

 Fiberglass roof box


  • High gloss polishing fiberglass gives the roof box a good finish.
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polyester with embedded metal reinforcements make the roof box extra rigid.
  • The high rigidity of the material gives the roof box a very good fit.
  • Packline’s fiberglass boxes weigh almost the same as an equivalent standard ABS roof box.
  • The material, combined with the product design, makes the roof box virtually silent.
  • The strength of the fiberglass makes the roof box safe.

Plastic roof/ski box


  • Packline’s plastic roof boxes are made from eco-friendly ABS.
  • The roof box satisfies our tough quality and environmental requirements.
  • These roof boxes build on our long tradition and experience.
  • A high gloss acrylic coating gives the ski box a superb finish.
  • The weight is low.