FX 170

Packline Roof Box 10 year warrantyFX 170: Small roof box – big news!

We are seeing more and more small cars on the market. Both electric vehicles and more traditional. These naturally has a limited luggage space, and we have therefore experienced increasing demand for a roof box that will fit these models. We are pleased to present Packline FX 170, which is specially designed for small cars!

Tunnel box

The Packline FX 170 is a tunnel box, with the load bars going through tunnels inside the box. This means that it sits very close to the car roof.

Good aerodynamic and made to fit the design of the car

FX-170 is developed with regards to good aerodynamic and to fit the design of the vehicle. It is placed low on the roof, and with a length of 170 cm it fits even the shortest car roofs. Still it has a capacity of 320 liters.

Available in black and white



FX 170
: High-gloss gelcoat , metal-reinforced fiberglass polyester
Dimensions: Length : 170 cm, width 90 cm, height : 30 cm
Cargo capacity: 320 liters
Weight: 25 kg
Colours: Black, white
Warranty: 10 years! Fulfils City Crash norm