NX Premium XL T

Visual perfection on every car

  • Ski lengths up to 210 cm
  • Extremely low-fitting
  • Tunnel box – unique construction of the roof racks going through tunnels
    inside the box which makes it sit very close to the car
  • Optimizes the aerodynamic performance
  • Available in black and white
  • 5 cm longer and wider than NX Premium

The NX series is the new generation of roof boxes, developed and produced by
Packline. This innovative roof box series has set a new standard in design, storage
capacity and aerodynamics.

Packline continuously strive to develop innovative roof boxes at the same speed as
new cars, and facilitate modern and future car design.

Available in black.
Available in Norway and Sweden




Materiale: Fiberglass
Outer dimensions: Length 220 cm width: 92 cm height: 31 cm
Inner dimensions: 214 x 87 x 29 cm
Volume: 440 liters
Color: Black
Warranty: 5 years! Fulfills the City Crash norm.