NX Premium

NX Premium is the most exclusive roof box Packline has ever developed and produced, and sets new standards in the design and aerodynamics that blend in elegantly with the car’s shapes and lines. Its two fold bottoms and side walls ensure the highest stability and strength.

Extremely stable and secure

Together with Packline’s innovative ‘Safe Nose’-solution and the premium fiberglass material, these features make the NX Premium an extremely stable and secure roof box. Unique features like the new locking system and a push-button opening simplify the handling.

Available in black and white



Outer dimensions: Length 215 cm width: 87 cm height: 31 cm
Inner dimensions: 209 x 82 x 29 cm
Volume: 430 liters
Weight: 29 kg
Color: Black, white
Warranty: 5 years! Fulfills the City Crash norm.