Packline Roof Box 5 years warranty

The Packline NX TWIN is the first roof box ever made of twin sheet! It has a double layer front nose with integrated hook system.

New is also a very easy push to open locking system.

Twin Sheet technology

HTS Packline is the first manufacturer to use this technology for roof boxes. Twin Sheet is vacuum thermoforming with two twin sheets. In the Twin Sheet process the two sheets are heated and then formed. One of the many advantages when using twin sheet for a roof box is a much safer and better looking product. Underside consisting of aerodynamic outershell and heavily profile reinforced innershell where all fixings are mounted invisibly. Upper part made with the newest car design lines – delicat design without any disfiguring profiles.

Reinforced front section

The NX TWIN has a reinforced front section with inner elevated front to prevent sliding of luggage for increased security and stability. New is also a very easy push to open locking system.

Major cargo capacity

Low weight (19 kg) provides major cargo capacity. Good internal height and a large load capacity of 380 liters means you have room for extra luggage when going on a road trip or vacation. The Packline NX TWIN is the only roof box on the market with patented lift-off mechanism and three side loading system.


High glossy, ABS acryl.
Outer dimensions: LENGTH 195 cm WIDTH 77 cm HEIGHT 38 cm
Inner dimensions: 192 x 70 x 35 cm
Volume: 380 liters
Weight: 19 kg
Colours: Black piano finish
Warranty: 5 years! Fulfills City Crash norm