FX 222

Very low-sitting ski box

The Packline FX 222 is a tunnel box with an extra-deep base and the load bars going through tunnels inside the box. It therefore sits very close to the roof even with high load bars.

Sloping front

The ski box slopes down at the front to provide good aerodynamics and complement the design of the car.

Good capacity

The ski box sits very close to the roof, but, at 222 cm long and with extra depth, holds all of 450 litres.

Available in black and white
Available in Norway and Sweden



FX 222
: High-gloss , metal-reinforced fiberglass
Outer dimensions: Length 222 cm, width 90 cm, height 30 cm
Inner dimensions: 218 x 85 x 26 cm
Cargo capacity: 450 liters
Ski length: 217 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Colors: White, Black
Warranty: 5 years! Fulfils City Crash norm